Thanks for being a part of the second edition of Fall for Dance North! Your feedback will help us make next year's festival even better.
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Which Fall for Dance North 2016 program did you attend?

How would you rate the performance(s) you saw?

What motivated you most strongly to come to Fall for Dance North 2016?

Please tell us about your experience...

Your answers will help us understand what we did well, and where we can improve next year.
We host pre-show artist talks at the Sony Centre, and stream them online. Did you attend or listen in?

Did you stay in a hotel / B&B while attending the festival?

Where did you stay?

Did you visit a restaurant or bar before or after the performance?

Where did you go?

Did you attend a master class or workshop?

Which one(s)?

Do you feel inspired to see more dance after coming to the festival?

Do you feel inspired to see more of the specific artists who performed at the festival?

Which artists would you be interested to see perform again?

Which artists would you be interested to see perform again?

Which artists would you be interested to see perform again?

Did you attend the festival last year (2015 edition)?

Did seeing the festival in 2015 lead you to attend more dance performances since then — or to go see other performances by the artists you saw at Fall for Dance North?

Do you have any comments for us about your overall experience at Fall for Dance North?

How did you hear about Fall for Dance North?

You answered, "{{answer_33101716}}". Can you let us know the details?

i.e. Facebook page, radio ad on 99.1, print ad in the Toronto Star, etc. This information will help us be more effective in reaching out to audiences.
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i.e. M5A
How often do you attend dance performances?

How often do you attend performances at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts?

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